About Us

We are Kennedy West and Darren West, MD, a husband and wife team. We moved to Greenville from Las Vegas with our son in 2022 to be closer to family after the pandemic. Believe Image was created based on our personal and professional journeys through life and we are excited to bring our services and experiences to you.

We believe in aesthetics procedures, general health, personal well being, and customer service.

Each client interaction is important to us as everyone is unique and we truly care about our patients and their goals and outcomes.

We want you to feel good about you.

Darren West, MD

My interest in aesthetics really stemmed from my wife and friends and learning how much they enjoyed these procedures and how they made them feel. After working in emergency medicine for many years, it’s a wonderful change to work in a positive atmosphere focused on helping people feel better about themselves. The field of aesthetics is continually growing and it is very exciting to see and learn the new options for rejuvenation and beauty. My favorite procedures are PDO Threads and PRP/PRF injections, both for their versatility and effectiveness in treating a wide variety of concerns and for their rejuvenating effects.

Kennedy West

Aesthetics to me is a natural evolution from my life experiences. I worked in beauty and customer service for my entire working life. I have also been a consumer and patient in this industry for many years. When I bring that all together, I find a natural joy in helping people discover and meet their beauty goals while trying to attain the highest level of client service and attention.

My favorite procedures are botulinum toxin injections and micro needling. Neuomodulators are an established base for decreasing those signs of aging. Micro needling, in combination with the newest tools and serums, is really a great secret to beautiful skin that creates a wonderful glow.

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