Cosmetic Injectables

At Believe Image in Greenville, SC, we offer the most popular and effective cosmetic injectables to help our patient feel more confident, reverse aging, and achieve their ideal appearance. Whether you want to enhance features like your cheeks, lips, or profile or contour your face by eliminating excess fat, we can create a safe and customized treatment plan with an injectable that meets your specific needs and allows you to enjoy long-lasting results.

What Are Cosmetic Injectables?

Cosmetic injectables are different products in a small syringe fitted with a tiny needle. We can inject them into various areas of the face to accomplish unique goals. They can fill, augment, plump, smooth, sculpt, and even dissolve excess fat. Each is FDA-approved for cosmetic use, so you can rest assured that no matter which product we use during your treatment, it will be safe and help you reach your cosmetic and aging-related goals.

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

Cosmetic injectables are so popular because they offer patients with different needs many benefits. Not only are they fast-acting and long-lasting, but the treatment process is quick, non-surgical, and virtually pain-free.

There’s no social downtime, and patients can resume most of their normal daily activities after their injection appointment. Some other treatment benefits include the following:

  • Different fillers can enhance the features, smooth lines and wrinkles, and eliminate excess fat
  • A maintenance regimen can extend the longevity of the results
  • Injectable products can be combined with other injectables, including neuromodulators, for enhanced results
  • They can improve the overall appearance using completely non-surgical methods.
  • The products are safe and FDA-approved for use
  • Treatment plans are completely customizable


BELOTERO BALANCE® (+) is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler with a gel formula that can naturally smooth the skin by restoring natural-looking volume to the area. We can inject it into some specific areas of the lower and middle half of the face to eliminate smile lines, facial folds, and any other signs of aging resulting from volume loss. It can also treat the tear trough area beneath the eyes where hollow areas tend to form as a result of volume loss.

We can also use it to treat patients with nasolabial folds, chin wrinkles, and lip lines above the mouth. After an initial treatment, results can last six months or longer, depending on the injection location and mobility of the area.

Restylane® Kysse

Restylane® Kysse is a lip filler from the Restylane® Collection that uses the line’s XpresHAn® technology to create fullness without compromising the patient’s ability to express naturally.

This hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler has a flexible formula that can naturally augment the lips and correct aesthetic imperfections like asymmetry, imbalance, lack of definition, or an undefined cupid’s bow. After an initial treatment, results will appear immediately and can last up to six months.

Restylane® Defyne

Restylane® Defyne is another filler from the Restylane® Collection that can be injected into the area around the mouth to smooth deeper laugh lines, including nasolabial folds. We can also use it to correct chin retrusion, which often occurs as a result of genetic predisposition or volume loss. Injections into the chin will improve the chin profile and, in doing so, improve facial aesthetics. After an initial treatment, results can last up to one year.

Restylane® Lyft

Restylane® Lyft is a filler specifically formulated to restore natural-looking volume to the cheeks. After an initial treatment, patients will see immediate results lasting up to a year. It’s an effective option for those who have noticed decreased volume due to the aging process.

This filler can also enhance the cheeks in patients who naturally lack fullness in the area. Additionally, we can inject it into the backs of the hands to restore natural-looking volume to the area and create a more youthful appearance.


Mesotherapy is a treatment that involves the use of vitamins, hormones, plant extract, and enzyme injections to rejuvenate the skin and eliminate excess fat cells. We can customize a treatment plan to inject these anti-aging and rejuvenating ingredients into the middle layer of the skin to increase circulation, decrease inflammation, eliminate excess fat, and enhance the overall appearance. Patients looking for a natural and non-surgical way to reduce excess fat and improve facial contours may benefit from a mesotherapy treatment.

Kybella®: The Fat-Dissolving Injectable

Patients who want to eliminate a double chin may benefit from a cosmetic injectable called Kybella®. Upon patient request, we can order this injectable to safely eliminate submental fullness, which is the technical term for a double chin. Patients will receive up to six total injections during a treatment plan with Kybella®.

This injectable contains an active ingredient called deoxycholic acid that works similarly to a natural bodily substance that helps the body absorb and break down fat. When injected into the area below the chin, it will destroy fat cells, and the body will respond to the treatment and gradually eliminate them over time. Results will become evident within the first few weeks of treatment and will continue improving once you complete the recommended sessions.


Neuromodulators are wrinkle-relaxing injectables that contain neurotoxins which are used to relax facial muscles to reduce the appearance of and even eliminate expression lines on the upper half of the face. We offer three of the safest, most effective, and most popular neuromodulators: BOTOX, XEOMIN, and Dysport.

All of these neuromodulators are specially formulated to target dynamic wrinkles. We can design treatment plans with one or more of these products to smooth crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines. They’re safe and FDA-cleared for cosmetic use, treatments are quick and comfortable, and there’s no social downtime. With regular follow-up treatments every few months, you can maintain smooth, younger-looking, wrinkle-free skin year-round.


BOTOX is a popular neuromodulator that’s FDA-cleared to treat three types of wrinkles: crow’s feet at the outer corners of the eyes, horizontal forehead lines, and frown lines between the eyebrows. You can choose to treat one area or all three during a single treatment. After your injections, you’ll see results within the first three days, and they’ll last approximately three to four months.


XEOMIN is a neuromodulator made with a highly purified formula that is free of added proteins. It’s specifically formulated to smooth the vertical indentations between the eyebrows, also known as frown lines. After an initial treatment, patients can expect smoother skin within the first two to four days, and the results can last up to five months.


Dysport is a neuromodulator that’s also designed to treat frown lines. It can meet the needs of patients with a single, vertical indentation between the brows or visible creases that resemble the number 11. After an initial treatment, patients can expect visible results within two to four days, and those results can last three to four months. With follow-up treatments, you can maintain a frown-line-free appearance effortlessly.

Am I a Good Treatment Candidate?

The best candidates for cosmetic injectables are adults who have healthy skin, understand the treatment process, and are willing to comply with all aftercare instructions. Pregnant and nursing women do not qualify for treatment for safety reasons since the effects of certain dermal fillers and injectable products on pregnant and nursing women are not yet known.

Patients must also not be allergic to any ingredients in their chosen treatment option. A pre-treatment consultation is the primary way to confirm your eligibility and confirm that your desired treatment option is a safe choice for you.

Achieve Your Ideal Appearance

Whether you’re interested in eliminating excess fat that’s preventing you from feeling confident in your appearance or you want to enhance your features and reverse aging, we can help determine which of our injectables is right for you. After you undergo a personalized treatment, you’ll notice an improvement in your appearance and confidence.

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