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Preserving Your Natural Collagen

During the mid to late 20s to early 30s, the body slows collagen production by one percent each year, and that decline gradually increases as you age. While you can’t stop the natural aging process, you can take some steps to prevent accelerated collagen loss. Sun exposure, smoking, and unhealthy lifestyle habits break down existing collagen, eventually affecting your skin’s appearance and health.

To preserve your natural collagen and slow aging, avoid excess sugars and refined carbohydrates, and always use quality sunscreen, even on a cloudy day, to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. Avoid smoking at all costs, as it contributes to accelerated collagen loss.

If you want younger-looking skin, you need to undergo treatments that build collagen. With the natural aging process comes a decline in collagen production that continues every year. The only way to fight back and reverse aging is through collagen-building treatments that stimulate natural collagen production. At Believe Image, we know just how important collagen building is, which is why we offer collagen-building procedures that can naturally rejuvenate the skin and ward off the aging process long-term.

What Are the Benefits of Collagen-Building Procedures?

  • Treatments are chemical and medication-free
  • Treatments are completely natural
  • Results appear gradually in the months following treatment
  • Regular treatments can increase collagen production long-term
  • We can combine collagen-building treatments to maximize the results

While lifestyle choices can preserve your existing collagen and prevent collagen from breaking down, they won’t force your body to increase collagen production, which is where collagen-building treatments come in. When you schedule one of our collagen-building services, you’ll undergo a treatment that will stimulate natural collagen production. Your body will respond to the methods used during treatment to produce more of this anti-aging protein and restore youth to your skin.

Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers provide an immediate solution for those who want to restore natural volume to the skin, but the results are only temporary. The benefit of our collagen-building procedures is that they actually build collagen; they don’t just mimic it. The collagen produced from the treatment process is 100 percent natural and permanent.

The Truth About Collagen-Building Supplements and Products

Collagen exists and is produced in the skin’s dermal layers. Many different topical anti-aging products claim to contain natural collagen and that regular use can increase production, and there are plenty of oral supplements that do the same. Still, they can’t force your body to produce collagen the way that our collagen-building procedures can. These products may support skin health and overall health, but they won’t make your body produce more collagen in the dermal layers.

Getting the Most Out of Your Treatments

We can combine any of our collagen-building treatments for optimal results. Once we meet with you for an initial consultation, we can evaluate your problem areas and make treatment recommendations. We can incorporate our different collagen-building procedures into your treatment plan to restore your youth and improve your problem areas.


PRF stands for platelet-rich fibrin, and it’s derived from the blood for our collagen-building procedures to increase skin volume and rejuvenate the face. PRF contains a high concentration of platelets, which contain growth factors and healing properties that reduce inflammation, encourage the body to create new fibroblasts, repair damaged skin cells, and stimulate natural collagen production.

PRF is even more effective than the popular PRP because it undergoes a specialized process to isolate it from the remaining red blood cells, resulting in a higher concentration of growth factors we can use during treatments. The slower spin speed during the isolation process increases the growth factors available. These growth factors are released slowly after application or injection for collagen-building purposes and to enhance and extend the treatment results.


PRF EZ gel is an injectable form of PRF that we can administer to different areas of the face. It’s an alternative to a dermal filler and contains growth factors, healing properties, platelets, leukocytes, mesenchymal stem cells, and fibrin scaffolds. Once injected into different areas of the face, it can encourage collagen production, reduce the appearance of facial folds, enhance the jawline, add volume to the cheeks, and fill under eye hollows.

We can customize a treatment plan using PRF EZ gel to naturally address signs of aging on your face and ensure you achieve beautiful, natural, and long-lasting results.

Woman Receiving PDO Treatment

PDO Thread Lifts

The PDO thread lift is a popular collagen-stimulating treatment that promotes natural collagen production using absorbable PDO threads. These threads are surgical sutures that are made of a material called polydioxanone and are fully absorbable. During the treatment, we inject the dissolvable suture into different areas of the face to lift and tighten the area.

These threads come in different shapes and types and can address aging-related concerns. They can rejuvenate and tighten the skin, deliver a non-surgical facelift, and address the signs of aging on the face, neck, jawline, under-eye area, cheeks, and more.

PDO Smooth Threads

PDO smooth threads are a specific type of polydioxanone thread designed to tighten the skin and improve skin texture. These threads can treat the lines, wrinkles, and facial folds that result from volume loss. Once injected beneath the skin’s surface with a cannula, they’ll adhere to the skin tissue and lift the area.

The body will respond to the threads by increasing natural collagen and elastin production at the treatment site. The results can last two years or longer post-treatment, and maintenance sessions can help you combat the aging process long-term.

Woman Threadlift Infographic


Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is one of the most popular collagen-building treatments that can stimulate natural collagen production, improve the skin, and treat the most common skin concerns. It can improve the appearance of acne, treat hyperpigmentation, improve skin tone and texture, reduce the appearance of acne scars, and give your skin a healthy glow.

In the field of microneedling, we are at the forefront of innovation, introducing the latest breakthrough in skincare treatments — exosomes. We proudly present MG-EXO-SKIN, the cutting-edge exosome serum from DPDerm that has taken the skincare world by storm. Exosomes have revolutionized the way we rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

How It Works

We use the Dermapen® to perform our microneedling treatments. This automated microneedling device has 12 tiny microneedles that repetitively puncture the skin, creating micro-wounds that elicit a healing response from the body during and after the treatment.

The body responds with an immune reaction that cleanses the skin and eventually begins replacing dead and damaged skin cells with healthier ones while also increasing natural collagen and elastin production to heal the micro-injuries. The treatment process is minimally invasive, with no social downtime or discomfort. The results are evident within a few months of the treatment, and you’ll see the gradual effects of increased collagen and elastin production.

Woman Recieving Microneedling Treatment

We offer several different collagen-building treatments, all with the same goal. Each naturally rebuilds collagen, forcing your body to increase the production of this anti-aging skin protein. Collagen is a protein your body makes to keep the skin healthy, plump, and firm. It makes up the foundation of your skin, providing structure, support, and elasticity.

Rebuild Your Natural Collagen

You no longer have to spend money on oral supplements or topical products that promise to stimulate natural collagen production but fail to deliver collagen-building results. Our collagen-building procedures can uncover your youthful glow and restore volume to different areas of your face to smooth away lines and wrinkles, fill hollow areas, and improve skin texture.

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